Not that long ago, together with the band KAnDIs, we filmed this cinematic, mystical black-and-white adventure for their song "Kažkas atsitiko". And we hope you'll enjoy some making-of shots and a few facts from behind the scenes.

About the idea:

This time we took a film noir approach and created a story that could be interpreted in two ways. At first glance, it reflects a relationship between the author and the audience. Because it's often the audience who constantly searches and looks for a deeper meaning in various creative projects.  

On the second thought, it may be a story about the main character - Martynas itself. And the riddle starts when he breaks the fourth wall and tries to figure out if a song playing is actually written about him.

It's starting to look more mysterious when you think about it that way, right?

For those who haven't seen this clip yet, this is the final result:

Some more interesting facts and making-of gallery:

  • It is a new version of a classic Lithuanian song by Antis
  • The main singer Algirdas Kaušpėdas had to film himself at home under strict Covid-19 pandemic quarantine conditions. 
  • We filmed all the scenes (except those with Algirdas) at LOFTAS cultural venue spaces and backstages. 
  • Our gaffer has admitted that it was his dream to film something on the roof of LOFTAS. 
  • Altogether, we've used ~30 meters of rope during this filming.
  • The rope was actually green because of b&w post-production convenience. 

The credits go to:

Producer: Kamilė Vadopalaitė
Director and scriptwriter: Irena Kunevičiūtė
DoP: Paulius Stonys
Set artist: Paulina Ružauskaitė
Gaffer: Benas Navanglauskas
Editing and colour correction: Lukas Dunčius
MuA & style: Paulina Aksenavičiūtė
1st AC: Nikita Voitov
Gaffer's assistant: Stasys Mačiulskas
Set assistants: Meda Šataitė, Lukas Jakimavičius