Švarus Internetas

Services Explainer Animation

The Internet opens up a lot of great opportunities and provides many useful things. Unfortunately, it also has it's dark side. "Švarus Internetas" (eng. The Clean Internet) project seeks to draw the attention of lithuanian internet users to the dangers of the digital space for the most vulnerable group of society - the children.

All internet users who have encoutered child sexual abuse, violence, bullying, pornography, drug abuse, racial and ethnic hatred in the digital space are invited to report it immediately at svarusinternetas.lt

Client: Communications Regulatory
Authority of the Republic of Lithuania
Producer: Dalius Kederys
Scriptwriter: Dovilė Macijauskaitė
Art director: Dovilė Macijauskaitė
Illustrator: Vaida Stasiukaitytė
Motion designer: Ignas Kairelis
Sound designer: Karolis Grabys

Stepdraw, 2019