ATEA Action

ATEA Action Conference Aftermovie'17 Video

Technology has just revolutionized quality of our life and speed of business. Now it also calls for ​digital democracy ​in a whole new way.

Producer: Kamilė Vadopalaitė
Camera operators: Pijus Peleckis,
Gabrielius Sadukas, Eimantas Raulinaitis
Editor: Pijus Peleckis
Colour grading: Pijus Peleckis
Drone operator: Kamil Chusnutdinov
Sound designer: Karolis Grabys

Stepdraw, 2017


ATEA Action Conference Intro

ATEA conference intro video in which aerial videography is combined with motion graphics.

Client: ATEA
Producer: Kristė Paulauskaitė
Director: Lina Vonsavičiūtė
Drone operator: Kamil Chusnutdinov
Editor: Lina Vonsavičiūtė
Motion designers: Ignas Kairelis, Otilija Morozaitė
Sound designer: Karolis Grabys

Stepdraw, 2016