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Adjust your brand focus with videography

Adjust your brand focus with videography

Videography content is one of the most persuasive and engaging marketing tools out there.

It deepens the connection with your audience, helps to earn trust or influence decisions. Admittedly, video clip production takes time and dedication, but it pays off, indeed!

TVCs, product demos, how-to’s, narrative stories, live-action explainers, music video clips — there’s a wide range of formats for you to choose from to tell your unique story. And, if you’re still not sure about the potential of videography content for your business, we’ll help you figure it out!

How does video production happen?

How does video production happen?

Videography production consists of four main stages: briefing, pre-production, production and post-production. In simpler words — to make a video clip, you have to think, plan, film and edit!

By all means, the essential part of the production workflow happens before the director shouts Action! on the filming set.

So the first process, briefing, is all about conceptual preparation. That includes a creative questionnaire, discussions and meetings between the client and production team representatives. During this time, we identify video project goals, target audience, communication channels and other essential information.

And of course, you can’t create a compelling video clip without a thorough plan.

Therefore, pre-production consists of planning: scriptwriting, storyboarding, location and prop scouting, shotlist check-up and all the other processes. These tasks are carried out with great care, as the next stage highly depends on the quality of the preparation.

And then… It’s showtime! Production is all that happens on the filming set, including directing, filming, sound recording, light designing, set art preparation, etc.

When the lights go out, all the filmed footage is being transferred to the editorial department. Post-production magic happens there: editing, color correction, music & sound effect designing.

Finally, the team provides you with the cut, and after a few feedback sessions, your brand new video clip is ready to go!

Awesome things happen one step
at a time:

Awesome things happen one step at a time: 

Awesome things happen one step at a time:

Awesome things happen one step at a time: 

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