Conrad Connect

Explainer Animations Cut

Conrad Connect enables users to interconnect smart devices, apps, and services from different brands on a single platform, and to create smart projects to automate complex tasks. Moreover, Conrad Conect provides a unique IoT framework called Service Marketplace that allows users to integrate smart solutions offered by our external partners into their everyday routine. We created a three-part series that presents different Conrad Connect products and combined the best parts of them into one animation.


Product Explainer Animation

Connect your smoke and water alarms with the emergency center of the Versicherungskammer Bayern and leave your home with peace of mind. If your devices report an alarm, it will be forwarded directly to the emergency dispatch center, which will immediately coordinate a solution for you.


Product Explainer Animation

At Conrad Electronic, Digitalo, SMDV, SnackBaron, Voelkner as well as Muesli.de, only one push of a button or voice command is what you need to order. Alternatively, let your devices simply reorder needed supplies themselves.


Product Explainer Animation

Simulate real user behavior instead of rigid timing and scare off burglars effectively when you're away from home. With the intelligent presence simulation, you can create a profile of your everyday processes and make your presence perfectly believable.

Stepdraw, 2019