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Flokati - Wool Bedding

Joom Promo


We are happy to share a new promotional video for Flokati showcasing the bliss of sinking into the embrace of their woolen bedding! Just click play and picture yourself in that cozy bedding.

Close your eyes, feel the texture, and let the narrative unfold around you.


Client: Flokati
Producer: Dalius Kederys
Director & Scriptwriter: Irena Kunevičiūtė
Production manager: Lukas Dunčius

DoP: Domas Gudaitis
Gaffer: Mantas Frolenko
Art director: Mantas Rimkus
MuA & style: Gabija Narušytė
Editing & color correction: Lukas Dunčius

Actors: Justina Sadauskaitė, Ligita Skambinė, Arnoldas Skambinas, Gediminas Kuprys


Production studio: Stepdraw, 2023

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at a time:

Awesome things happen one step at a time: 

Awesome things happen one step at a time:

Awesome things happen one step at a time: 

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