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Invest Lithuania Services

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Introducing a company's services can be approached in numerous ways. To introduce Invest Lithuania's services, we have chosen an engaging approach. Join us on a fun and mood-lifting journey to discover how Invest Lithuania can be your guide in achieving success.

Click play now and immerse yourself in the exciting realm of investment possibilities!


Client: Invest Lithuania
Producer: Dalius Kederys
Production manager: Lukas Dunčius

Director & Scriptwriter: Irena Kunevičiūtė
1st AD: Greta Griniūtė

DoP: Oskaras Abramavičius
1st AC: Artūras Macius
2st AC: Julius Navagrudskas

Gaffer: Mantas Frolenko
Best boy: Gytis Vidžiūnas
Spark: Justina Tumaitė, Erikas Rogoža
Art director: Mantas Rimkus
MuA: Evelina Bekerytė
Style: Rūta Barvičiūtė
Editing & color correction: Artūras Sėlenis

Actors: Arnoldas Skambinas, Viktorija Reifonienė, Invest Lithuania employees


Production studio: Stepdraw, 2023

Awesome things happen one step
at a time:

Awesome things happen one step at a time: 

Awesome things happen one step at a time:

Awesome things happen one step at a time: 

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