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Joom Promo

Joom Promo

Promotional Video

At the beginning of summer, we embarked on a journey to create a commercial for Joom. Our mission was to represent customers of the company, revealing their dreams and showing how their daily lives can be enhanced with just a few clicks.


Client: Joom
Producer: Dalius Kederys, Kamilė Vadopalaitė
Director & Scriptwriter: Irena Kunevičiūtė
DoP: Imantas Boiko
Set artist: Raminta Šlepikaitė
Stylist: Paulina Aksenavičiūtė
MuA: Edita Mockutė, Paulina Aksenavičiūtė
Sound designer: Juozapas Liaugaudas
Editing & Colour correction: Lukas Dunčius
Gaffer: Simas Gricius (Cinevera)
Grips: Cinevera
1st AD: Greta Griniūtė
1st AC: Kęstutis Serulevičius
2st AC: Artūras Macius
Assistant producer: Maksim Vilčinskij
Assistant set artist: Benjaminas Bagdonas, Mantvydas Mockus


Production studio: Stepdraw, 2022

Awesome things happen one step
at a time:

Awesome things happen one step at a time: 

Awesome things happen one step at a time:

Awesome things happen one step at a time: 

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