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Watalook Promo

Watalook Promo

Product Pitch Video

Together with Watalook workspace, we created a bright and colourful promotional video clip for the app of every beauty freelancer's dreams. Take a look!

By the way, we've also created a truly unique tutorial video series for Watalook. Click here to see it!


Client: Watalook
Producer: Kamilė Vadopalaitė

Director: Irena Kunevičiūtė
Scriptwriter: Irena Kunevičiūtė
DoP: Nikita Voitov
DoP assistant: Paulius Stonys
Gaffer: Paulius Stonys
Sound designer: Juozapas Liaugaudas
Editor: Artūras Sėlenis
Colour correction: Artūras Sėlenis
MuA: Eginta Radžiūnaitė

Stylist: Paulina Aksenavičiūtė


Production studio: Stepdraw, 2021

Awesome things happen one step
at a time:

Awesome things happen one step at a time: 

Awesome things happen one step at a time:

Awesome things happen one step at a time: 

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