It's a myth that some people are gifted with the unique ability to keep themselves creative. Even if you work with the most exciting tasks, sometimes creative flow needs some help. It’s important to remember that creativity does not just come to you, you have to take some actions yourself! 

We asked our colleagues for some tips, how they deal with creative voids while working on projects and built this creativity cheat sheet. From practising mindfulness to playing video games. 

Check it out and feel free to use it whenever you’ll need that special spark! 

Tips for boosting creativity from Stepdraw team: 

#1 Have a quick caffeine boost

Sometimes just a sip of coffee or your favourite tea can work wonders!

#2 Take a shower, bath, or a dip into the lake

Let the freshness of water (hot or cold) calm your spirit and enliven the mind.

#3 Meet new people

Communicating with complete strangers, hearing their stories and ideas can effectively provoke your own thoughts. 

#4 Take breaks

Pet a cat or a dog. Take a power nap or play video games - let yourself have some time off. 

#5 Find out your productive time

And create your routine accordingly. This will allow you to spend your time more productively and purposefully.

#6 Be mindful

Accept where you are and what you have around right now and let yourself be inspired by random things. In most cases, creativity doesn’t need any exceptional circumstances or resources, it requires the right attitude. 

#7 Follow great examples

Find the professionals of your field and track what they do. Do not compare to them, instead look at them for inspiration, notice their best qualities and skills. 

#8 Take a long walk

Body movement will make your mind move too. 

#9 Try something radically different from what you do

If you focus on one discipline for a long time, try something else, e.g. if you got stuck with social media posts planning, turn into a physics textbook, and so on. 

#10 Travel as much as you can

Even if it’s different commuting routes in your city. Setting changes helps to break down the cycle of routine. 

#11 Visit your local library

Check the old design, art magazines or photography books. You may find unexpected compositions, colour combinations or something that will trigger your mind. 

#12 Listen to unusual music

Browse and discover new genres, artists or surprising musical experiments. 

#13 Tidy up your workspace

Clean environment - clean head. 

#14 Go to a comedy show

Or watch one on Netflix or YouTube. Laughter helps to relax and look at everything from a different perspective. 

#15 Have some dark chocolate

Or ice cream. Or a bowl of loaded nachos with extra cheese and extra everything! 

#16 Take notes

On your phone, computer or paper notebooks. Do not forget to review them later and organize ideas. 

#17 Stop overthinking the creative process

Don’t worry, you’ll be just fine. Not every idea will be your breakthrough, but you’re on the right path! 

#18 Drink more water

It will boost your energy levels and improve your mood. 

#19 Try waking up early

Watch the sunrise. And use that time to sneak in a few extra hours to work on your creative projects while everyone is still asleep. 

#20 Have a plant around you

Plants keep you healthy by cleaning the air and makes you feel good. 

#21 Try to do non-electronic days once in a while

Or simply do a little digital detox to boost your productivity: turn off push notifications, charge phone in another room, do not use any screens while you eating. 

Last but not least: 

Try these tricks to boost your creativity next time you'll feel tapped out. And let us know if it helped! Do not forget that creativity is a muscle - you have to use it!