Crafting corporate video clips is not that easy. You can't only introduce yourself and do a little bragging about what you do. A good corporate video must communicate what your brand is all about, present services and overall value that the customer gets.

Over the years, we have identified five essential tips that will help to make an outstanding corporate video clip:

#1 Decide on one key message that your video will communicate

Yes, only one. Why? It will help you to focus your attention and resources better on what you want to say and keep away from distractions. No matter how much you want to tell about your amazing new product, the exemplary culture of your organization and how much investment you've made this year, it just won't work in one clip, as you would expect.

For example, if you want to create a video specifically for a conference to showcase your new product, focus on this goal. You may need to spend more time of the clip on explaining it's features and usage, rather than showing your colleagues playing foosball or a smiling office administrator. Resist this desire to show everything and present all the benefits of your company in one video.

#2 Be specific about your audience

Who are you talking to in your video clip? Who is that right person who should hear you? Where does he/she work, spend free time? What is he/she interested in and what social media posts he/she finds engaging? Try to get the most accurate portrait of your audience and then talk to them in the video. Choose the tone, execution type accordingly, and you will be one step closer to success. Don't talk to the grey demographic statistics and try to find a real, human connection with your audience.

#3 Keep in mind the attention span

Over time, the viewer's ability to focus noticeably decreases. If five years ago, a 3 min video showed excellent results, now this duration has been reduced to approximately 30 s. We often come across cases where companies would like to have longer videos, ignoring the fact that they simply won't be watched until the end. It is more useful to split the long clip into shorter sections because the bitter reality is that no one has time to watch long videos until the end.

#4 Use the right tools

If you are crafting a clip with your inner company resources, keep in mind that professional filming gear, proper lightening and audio recording are essential. An ideal solution for this type of work would be hiring a professional production house. Then you would be assured that your video would be polished by competent producers, directors, videographers and other technical experts. Professionals can provide you original art direction, script, arrange production matters from A to Z and give useful insights. This would give you better results than doing all the work by yourself or hiring a freelance videographer.

#5 Experiment!

Don't be afraid to show the human side of your business. Have some good time and insert a few elements of humour. It won't make your business any less serious, but will rather build an emotional connection with your viewer. If in previous corporate videos, your boss always talked about the company through interviews, you might want to get out of the comfort zone and create a stunning 3D animation that visualizes your company processes and actually shows what you're doing.

All in all:

Altogether, creating a successful, distinctive and exceptional corporate video can be both challenging and fun. You need to decide what are you going to say, define the audience and keep up to date with latest advertising trends. Or simply hire professionals who would provide personalized insights and take over all production processes. We at Stepdraw have dealt with many video cases in almost eight years of work, so if you have any questions, email us at [email protected] and let's talk about corporate video production!