Last summer, we had a thrilling three-day adventure with "Watalook" – an app every Beauty Professionals dreamed about. Today, we invite you to join in on the fun.

Unexpected stories

How do you create a tutorial that is eye-catching and wild? Incredible stories, of course! A kidnapping that turns out to be a barbershop appointment. A drag-queen drag-racing. A fun all-male wedding with a colorful female pastor. A castaway that manages to get a top-notch service on an island. The stories set us to have great adventures, and we rose to the task.

Lucky accidents

Sometimes, nature demands to be credited as a co-director and helps create the perfect scene. When we were filming one of the stories in quarries full of sand, it happened. You see, the mischievous Lithuanian wind is hard to control. Especially if the actor is rocking long luscious hair. But this time, just as the scene reached the climax and the actor raised his head in satisfaction, the gust of wind helped create the perfect final look.

It's crucial to turn these moments into opportunities for silly little details. For example, you set up the scene, the cameras, the actors, the cues... Then, you call "action"! And the actress stands up to have her face covered with branches and leaves. It's great to have an out-of-the-box (in this case, in-the-branches) thinking director who decides that this mishap is just the right mood for the ad.

Extreme conditions

It's great if your job allows you to try out something new. Our lovely scriptwriter provided the cast and crew just that.

It was definitely the first time our beautiful actress enjoyed a bubbly bath of...cold soup! And a famous Lithuanian recipe at that – cold beetroots, litters of kefir, chopped onions, and sliced cucumbers. So we really took a "summer refreshment "to a whole new level.

The second filming day also let us experience drag-racing firsthand. We met a fantastic crew of experienced drivers in an abandoned aerodrome. The whole team was excited to see them improvising and spinning at what felt like the speed of light. Just with way more smoke.

Team inside jokes

What did we take away from these 3 days? Our lovely drag queen loved her costume so much that she took it home. And our clients took the opportunity to participate, too! This time, they surprised us and volunteered to be one of the beautiful brides in our wedding scene. It might have created a challenge for our costume designer, as she had to search for male-sized wedding dresses throughout the city. But it gave us – the team, the client, and now – you, the reader, a great story to remember.

A few more looks into the process:

For those who haven't seen the final results yet -> click here.

The credits go to:

Producer: Kamilė Vadopalaitė
Assistant producer: Maksim Vilčinskij
Director: Irena Kunevičiūtė
1st AD: Greta Griniūtė
Irena Kunevičiūtė
Jonas Žaliūnas
1st AC: 
Paulius Stonys
2st AC: 
Julius Navagrudskas
Drone operator: 
Kamil Chusnutdinov
Darius Juknevičiūs
Stasys Mačiulskas, Jokūbas Staniulis
Set artist: 
Evelina Dapkutė
Sound designer: 
Juozapas Liaugaudas
Lukas Dunčius
Colour correction: 
Lukas Dunčius
Eginta Radžiūnaitė
Austėja Marija Jaščaninaitė
Set assistant: 
Lukas Jakimas