You have finally launched a new product that generates revenue beyond your expectations. Moreover, it even attracts extreme interest from your intended audiences. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, in reality to achieve this, you need to thoughtfully plan every step and tool for the successful product launch. And one of the most helpful marketing instrument is a catchy product pitch video.

Both animated and live-action videos are an extremely powerful tool to engage your customers and boost your sales. But which format could be the most beneficial for your product?

Choose explainer animation format if: 

#1 Your product requires visual metaphors and consists of complex concepts

If your product is innovative and has no market equivalents — for instance, a new app or revolutionary tech start-up product, you might need to present it using imaginative and relatable comparisons. The great news is that the sky is the limit in the animations' creative field. You can think of literally anything to feature in your animation, just don't forget to follow some basic storytelling rules. As a result, your explainer could become a bomb of rich imagery that engages and surprises your audience.

An example, Nord VPN product pitch 2D explainer animation

#2 You want to show your brand’s uniqueness

Delicate details and visual presentation in 2D or 3D animations can reflect the personality of your brand. For instance, you can use a unique colour palette, geometric shapes, voice-over, background music, and sound effects that tell the unique story of your brand.

An example, J&C Aero services 2D explainer animation

#3 You need a cost-effective and highly adaptable video material

Once you have an explainer animation, you can adapt and use it in different contexts and save lots of marketing budget. For example, if your animation features human characters, you can use their portraits for other social media content. You can also cut one animation into several shorter video clips and use them as Youtube bumper ads. It is also much easier to edit and adjust already existing 2D or 3D animation than a live-action video.

An example, Weshare explainer stop-motion & kinetic typography animation

Live-action demo video would be useful for you if:  

#1 You need to show the product’s key features and benefits 

In order to pitch a high-quality physical product, a live-action demo video could be one of the best tools. With this in mind, you can show the product in relatable real-life situations, present benefits and possible usages.

An example, SGS Watches live-action product pitch

#2 You seek to prove the reliability of the product

A live-action video presentation is an effective method to address the specific concerns about the product. As a matter of fact, consumers often come with misinformation based on rumours they have heard somewhere on the marketplace. By analyzing your target audience’s prejudices, you can prove that your product does what it promises. So compelling live-action presentation can significantly eliminate consumer doubts.

An example, Monetha product pitch video

#3 You need a convincing support material for sales pitches

Let's say you can easily show your product benefits in real-life sales. But what about online pitches? It doesn’t always work (and doesn’t always pay off) to send a physical product. Especially for potential foreign clients and partners. A live-action video allows you to share a link with anyone around the world. As a result, anyone could see the product you are talking about!

An example, CGTrader product pitch


To sum up, both explainer animation and live-action video formats have their own benefits. It's useful to use animation if your product is not physically defined, and you need to find a way to present it. On the other hand, live-action video is a great helper on sales pitches and is the best choice for physical products.

However, each case is unique. And sometimes you can achieve the best outcome while breaking the rules and choosing the most creative approach. If you can’t decide which format is better for your product, hit us a message. We will be happy to help you with the best solution!