The last couple of months have been a real test for video makers: the world has stopped and a huge number of filming projects has been postponed or cancelled. And the world of videography has become quieter than ever.      

Now things are getting back on track and our videographer Lukas shares some tips on how to make the most of your more quiet times and get more creative as a filmmaker! 

#1 Try new ideas 

New video trends emerge all the time, and filming equipment is being upgraded even more often, so it is tough to keep your videos fresh and trendy. Lukas’s practice for that is quite simple.  

First of all, think of an idea — use your notes for that! Lukas’s memos consist of videography effects and filming techniques, which randomly appear in his head while surfing the internet or even just talking with fellow creators. It’s important to write down even the craziest ideas because, in the long run, you will definitely find a way how to accomplish it. And make sure you are passionate about the idea and do not try to force it; otherwise, you won't be motivated.

Stepdraw videography fliming Lukas Rode camera

Secondly, make a plan: do a little test beforehand to find out what could be needed for its implementation. A plan is a must so that you won't lose any precious time during the filming. Then, get your filming gear ready and go shot a video.

Pro tip: Lukas is always taking a spare battery, a memory card, and a light source to deal with possible challenges.  

Lastly, when the production stage is over, it is time to put your headphones on, turn up your favourite podcast or music playlist and get the editing done. Don't be afraid to take risks or mix-up a few ideas, because that can make your work into a cutting-edge project!  

#2 Become best friends with YouTube

If you strive for more videography knowledge or inspiration, YouTube is undoubtedly the best place for that. From learning about neuro-cinematics, compelling scriptwriting, to understanding how to get the most of your camera or getting to know the power of editing. Deepen your knowledge here and support creators by subscribing to their channels. They truly deserve your support.

YouTube is also great for crafting a specific skill because there are a lot of in-depth videos and step-by-step tutorials, which you can follow. For example, if Lukas gets stuck with some video effect or filming technique, he dives deep into YouTube and quickly gets back on track with new tips to try. Even his first-ever shoulder rig was made of PVC pipes by watching one of the YouTube tutorials, and it worked flawlessly!

handmade videographer shoulder rig filmmaking
Lukas's first-ever handmade PVC shoulder rig

#3 Keep your creativity levels high

Sitting in front of the computer all day can be frustrating. Sometimes it seems that the most straightforward tasks require a tremendous amount of effort, and you start becoming less productive. When your motivation and creativity levels drop, it's about time to recharge it. One way to do it is to balance computer work with outside activity, which includes movement.

So grab your camera and go to a new place for a walk without any plan! It's the best kind of meditation for Lukas: stoping at any location, taking the camera out and starting timelapsing while getting that fresh air. Exploration process boosts creativity and breaks the routine!

baltic sea filming videography shoulder rig stepdraw

The last tip form Lukas — meet up with other people and communicate, live or online. It's easier to come up with a bunch of great videography ideas together. You never know, those ideas might become real projects in the future. So if you catch yourself staring at the screen for an hour without any luck of creating something, it is time to break the spell and recharge!


Lukas's 10 beloved YouTube channels, check them out! 

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