At the beginning of summer, we embarked on a journey to create a commercial for Joom. Our mission was to represent customers of the company, revealing their dreams and showing how their daily lives can be enhanced with just a few clicks.

We were tasked with making three different settings feel natural, homey and cosy. After a meticulous location scout, we found three great locations ready to be transformed into our characters' homes.

1st location

The first set was a family home. After a little rearranging and creating a natural homey mess with toys and other decorations, we created a family home set that felt alive with its perfect imperfections. We also enhanced the cosy atmosphere by filling the room with arm morning sunray lighting.

The second set was grandma's home. This location was actually the second bedroom of the family home location. We loved the idea of framing our character between the windows; therefore, we added new furniture, plants and curtains, and transformed this idyllic corner into grandma's living room.

2nd location

The second location's tall brick walls, large windows and gorgeous wooden wall spoke to us with its cool, loft vibes. We knew this location would be perfect for our IT girl character. This character had a dream of making her home a bit cosier. Therefore, we showed how one could transform a space just with a few products ordered from Joom.

3rd location

We also had a non-home location-related task: find the perfect sunset spot with a scenic view. After climbing for around 10 mounds, we found our spot—it was the only mound facing west. As a bonus, a beautiful forest landscape could be seen from the mound. The only minus was the top could only be reached on foot. But our brave crew and actress climbed the long staircase, which was almost like climbing up a 7-story building!

The dog

Film set wisdom says it's most difficult to film with kids and pets. We did both. And fortunately, we succeeded! Our child actors, a brother and sister, performed precisely how we imagined. But the star of the show was the wonderful dog, Vilis. We wanted to give a huge shout-out to this good boy who could even be cute on command! He brightened our days and brought liveness to our commercial like a true champ!

A few more looks into the process:

The credits go to:

Producer: Dalius Kederys, Kamilė Vadopalaitė
Director & Scriptwriter: Irena Kunevičiūtė
Imantas Boiko
Set artist: Raminta Šlepikaitė
Stylist: Paulina Aksenavičiūtė
MuA: Edita Mockutė, Paulina Aksenavičiūtė
Sound designer: Juozapas Liaugaudas
Editing & Colour correction: Lukas Dunčius
Gaffer: Simas Gricius (Cinevera)
1st AD: Greta Griniūtė
1st AC: 
Kęstutis Serulevičius
2st AC: 
Artūras Macius
Assistant producer: Maksim Vilčinskij
Assistant set artist: Benjaminas Bagdonas, Mantvydas Mockus