We hope you got wrapped up in the magic of the season! Now we'd like to share some making-of shots of our video-postcard.

Although our studio was a creative mess for a whole week, the cosiness of the set uplifted everyone's mood and reminded us that the holidays are just around the corner!

Here are some interesting production facts:

  • 6 kg of tangerines was used (1/3 of them was painted purple!)
  • 40 tiny blue presents were packed.
  • More than 200 star-shaped ginger cookies were glazed in pink.
  • Poodra the Dog has patiently waited throughout the whole filming, sneaking for any colourful prop to play with.
  • We used this project to test Laowa macro lens, and we were fascinated by the possibilities they have to offer!

See how the making-of looked like!

Filming blue gift boxes with Laowa Micro Lense
Season's Greetings 2019: Making-of Gallery
Director creates a unique set design from oranges and tangerines
Gotta make sure those tangerines look good!
Orange tagerines are being put on the filming set
Carefully, one after another
Lightening on the orange set
Applying the best lighting
Filming tangerines in the orange set
Now it's the time to discover the perfect shot!
Samoyed Poodra the Dog in the filming set
Hey, and Poodra is here too!
Two persons on the filming set
Hmm, what's going on here?
Purple set design with camera, tangerines, cups and hand
It's time for purple!
Camera stands in the purple filming set
Some more beautiful shots in progress
Purple filming set with cup, tangerines, camera
Searching for the best miniature angle
Tiny purple giftbox made for this filming
And wrapping some more tiny gift boxes
Pink cookies in the filming set
It's not that easy to control those pink cookie-dominoes!
Pink cookies in the filming set
Things are getting into shape
Filming pink cookies with Laowa Micro Lense
And it takes a little bit of patience to find the most beautiful cookie!
Director and cameraman adjusting the set for filming
But all in all, it was a pleasure!

Press here to see the final result! We hope you'll enjoy it!

More of our videography work can be found here.