When it comes to animated explainer videos, many elements allow creating a quality result. Along with the script, design, and motion, there’s usually an invisible but essential element - voice over.

Likely, your production partner will usually abbreviate it as VO and take it for granted that all the processes involving this element will be self-evident for you. So we defined the three essential tips to leverage your explainer animation with a little help of voice-over.

Make sure you’re using voice-over creatively

First of all, make sure that voice-over adds value and complements your animated explainer. The voice-over should not repeat visible images or typography notes. Use it creatively! Improvise by including the subtle joke or let the voice interact with the animation. So take advantage of that voice and use it to take your animation storyline to the next level.

Choose the right voice tone for your target audience

Your chosen voice is like your business card. So keep in mind your target audience and try to reach it. Think of what your viewers like, what they do every day, what slang, specific words, accent, or expressions they use. Avoid too much casualty or too formal voice-over style, and try to be understandable and appealing.

Work with professional voice-over artists

Professional voice-over artists could provide you excellent quality demos and final results. As professionals, they can quickly adapt to your needs, choose the right pace, and use the meaningful pauses, which will highlight the benefits of your explainer animation. Also, professional artists will provide you with a quality recording that won’t have any extraneous sounds.

To summarize

So when creating an explainer animation, don’t push the voice over to the last place. Make creative use of its possibilities, choose the right voice tone, and work only with voice-over artists who provide quality services!

If you have any questions or need more advice on explainer animation production - feel free to contact us!